Why bother renting a room when you can actually own a decent condo unit with the same cost that you would pay for rental?

As everyone wants to earn ourselves a cozy living place we called "Home", therefore, Incio Condominium comes packed with varieties of comfort, on the prime location adjacent to the main road, Serithai (Sukhapiban 2). With design concept "Less Unit, More Space", adapted from the real lifestyle of space utilizing for ones who want to start out a life with limitless happiness. Incio, the beginning of happiness at reasonable price.

Incio Project is designed to meet the needs for those who strive for a living in suburbs, escaping the congestion and bustle of the crowded city. Incio is a small step for young people, first jobbers to establish the first home of their own, with the suitable room size.

All 6 buildings are designed in the form called 'Modernisim Style', focusing on simplicity, yet emphasizes the building brightness and cleanliness with white tone and breaks with navy and brown bands, creating ongoing rhythm and motion of such eye-catching structure on Serithai Road. Moreover, the project master plan is designed to activate the wake of living together as one small community or 'Neighborhood Social'.

The layout of the building, all six emphasize the airy design and creative space among residents, eliminating the feeling of uncomfortable from crowded, yet not to far apart from being part of the project. In addition, the layout can also cause the formation of free space the entire 6 buildings. Last but not least, the project layout is deliberately designed in a form of gold purse, following the Chinese FengShui, which is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the residents among vibrant community.